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  专业领域(Areas of research offered):
  Archaeological MaterialsBiological and Polymeric Materials
  Computational Materials Science
  Materials for Energy and the Environment
  Materials Economics and Manufacturing
  Nanotechnology, Nanodevices,and Nanomaterials
  Electronic, Photonic, and Magnetic Materials
  High-performance Structural
  Materials and Alloys
  And are complemented by focused programs that include:Program in Polymer Science and Technology
  You can indicate your interest in these focused programs on your application.

  gre: general test required
  IELTS: Minimum score required: 7
  IELTS may be waived by Department.

  The IELTS requirement will only be waived (1) if you have received instruction in English in primary and secondary school or (2) if you have been in the US fo rthree years and will have received a degree from an American institution before entering MIT. Include a letter requesting the waiver with your supplemental materials. If the waiver is not approved, you will need to take and submit the IELTS score by mid-January.

  Note: The toefl is no longer accepted.


  申请截止日期:December 15 (must be received by)

  Applicants are NOT required to complete the Record of Courses Taken in Preparation for Graduate Study form.


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